We want to bring to your attention a new Ontario Law regarding concussions in sport:  “Rowan’s Law” which is now in affect. 

Any person in Ontario who participates in sport of any kind needs to be familiar with this law and the new concussion protocol associated with it.  In short, each member who participates in a Learn to Sail class, race or organized sailing event must sign off on this protocol. If Sail Manitoba runs programs/events in Ontario, they are required to verify that each participant has acknowledged they have fully reviewed and are committed to the Concussion Code of Conduct.  This is one reason we need the forms on file @ BSSC, plus for our own race series.

Concussions have been at the forefront of the news over the past number of years and as a Club, it is incumbent that all involved be familiar with the signs and effects concussions have on kids and adults. We need to take responsibility to provide guidance to athletes who may be injured as this will help reduce long term and short term issues relating to any head injuries. Below are the requirements needed to comply with Rowan’s Law:  

  1. Any participant who registers with your organization, or enters your regatta needs to do the following two things:
    1. Confirm they have read a Ministry Approved Concussion Awareness Resource;
    2. Confirm they have reviewed, and committed to, the Ontario Sailing Athlete Concussion Code of Conduct;
  2. As we move forward, all participants will need to confirm both items once in a 12 month period.

Below are the Ministry Approved Concussion Resources. There are three options based on age that we are sharing …

Concussion Awareness Resources Ages 10 and under – CLICK HERE.

Concussion Awareness Resources Ages 11 to 14 – CLICK HERE.  

Concussion Awareness Resources Ages 15 and up – CLICK HERE.

Ontario Sailing Concussion Codes of Conduct have been adjusted to meet the specifics of the legislation.  All members of the organizations are to use the following Codes of Conducts:

Ontario Sailing Concussion Code of Conduct – Athletes click here